Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am worried that it will feel uncomfortable to wear...
  • As with any new idea or product it takes getting use to. What we can assure you is that every single person who has tried an iXoundWear™ headwear said something like "I can’t even tell it’s there..."

  • Is it safe to wear an iPod® next to your head?
  • iXoundWear™ products are currently compatible with the iPod® Nano and the iPod® Shuffle™. The choice is not dictated just by the size of these players, but also by their characteristics. Both players do not contain moving parts (they deploy flash memory), therefore eliminating any occurrence of vibrations or micro-vibrations. Also, according to our research, neither the iPod® Nano nor the Shuffle™ pose EMF exposure threat: they are not cell phones, they do not generate any radio signal and do not have any wireless connection built in. Safety is a primary concern to us.

  • How long will it take iXoundWear™ to ship?

  • Products in stock will ship the next day. Unless otherwise specified your order will arrive within 3-5 business days from shipping.

  • What other players will iXoundWear™ hats, caps and visors work with?
  • The current models of iXoundWear™ products were developed to hold the iPod® Nano and the iPod® Shuffle™. However iXoundWear's Patented design covers MP3 players in general. We will produce new models for other players, if the demand arises. If you have a player you'd like us to make an iXoundWear™ headwear for,  Contact Us  and we will look into it.

  • What kind of warranty comes with your products?
  • Our products are covered by a 30-day Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If for any reason you wish to return or exchange a product within 30 days, just  Contact Us . Your satisfaction is our goal.

  • Are iXoundWear™ products easy to set up?
  • Very easy. You'll Wire-Free your music in minutes! Just follow the Quick Start Guide inside the hang tag attached to the product. Detailed instructions are also available online (visit the  Support  page).

  • What’s included with my purchase?
  • Any iXoundWear™ headwear comes with the hat/cap/visor of your choice, 2 plastic wire spools (in case you lose one) and Quick Start Guide.
    MP3 player not included ... sorry ;)

  • What are the features people like best about iXoundWear™ products?
  • Without a doubt, it is the almost-wireless sensation the iXoundWear™ headwear gives the user. In addition the position of the player allows for easy control of volume, play, pause and skipping back or forward through your playlist. Many people love the incomparable speed and ease in wearing your iPod® using iXoundWear™ products. It's a two-step process: (1) put it on, (2) plug in your earbuds ... done!
  • Does it come with an iPod®?
  • No, it doesn't.
    You can purchase the model you like in many local stores or online. iPods® are very popular and many deals are constantly available.
    For more information regarding Apple iPod® visit .

  • What if I am not sure of my head size?
  • iXoundWear™ hats and visors have an adjustable Velcro™ strap so one size fits all.
    Our knit caps stretch according to your head size. See our  Store Front  for a complete product line-up.

  • How do I take care of my iXoundWear™ cap?
  • iXoundWear™ products do not contain electronic parts, therefore they are easy to take care of: hand wash cool, line dry, do not bleach and do not iron. Visit the  Support  page for more information.

  • Do you have discount pricing on quantity if I want to order for my club?
  • Yes, we do. Please use our  Contact Us  form or call 1–423-383-8633.
    We will be happy to discuss a discount based on quantity.

  • Are there opportunities to license the iXoundWear™ concept?
  • We would be glad to discuss any licensing ideas you may have.
    Please use our  Contact Us  form or call 1–423-383-8633.

  • How did you come up with this idea?
  • Personal need ... we could not stand having wires all over any more!

  • Does it come in colors too, or just black and white?
  • Some iXoundWear™ models come in black, white, light pink, purple, green, blue, red, salmon and khaki. We keep adding colors and styles whenever demand arises.

  • I noticed that the pocket is positioned behind the ear on the right hand side. I am left handed, is it going to be a problem?
  • According to feedback we collected from left-handed users, there was no perceivable hurdle in operating simple controls (play, stop, volume, etc.). However, since usage experience is very subjective, we'd suggest you to try it: if you are not satisfied, just send it back.

  • Can anybody use it or are there any age restrictions?
  • The iXoundWear™ products are not suitable for children 3 years or younger, since the package contains small plastic parts (wire spools) that could be swallowed.

  • Can I find your products in some local stores or are they available online only?
  • At this point, you can only order online. However we are currently looking for local distributors. Check back for updates in this regard.