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iXoundwear™ has been named the ION® Headwear Product of the Year
iXoundWear™ Sport Cap has been named the "ION® Headwear Product of the Year" and a finalist for the ION® Sports Product of the Year, which honors the best new product innovations in sports.
iXoundWear™ is among 36 finalists for the ION® Sports Product of the Year chosen by an independent panel from hundreds of product submissions.
A high quality brushed cotton twill hat, the iXoundWear™ Sport Cap features a revolutionary way to listen to your iPod® Nano. With a water resistant coated fabric player pocket and bendable polyurethane spools to wrap the wires, the iXoundWear™ Sport Cap holds the iPod® Nano and its cords securely, while also protecting it from damage.
"iXoundWear™ Sport Cap stood out from the dozens of other entries and we have high regard for the design and technology behind the product," said Positive Ions CEO and Founder Dave Behar.
"We're very pleased to know our products have done this well," says Karl Foust, President of iXoundWear Inc, "I'm looking forward to launching other wearable items that will fit the iPod® and other MP3 players."
The ION® Sports Product of the Year Awards highlight the industry's success in developing new and innovative products while engaging retailers, sports purists, parents, and kids alike. As an annual, globally marketed program, the ION® Awards play a highly effective role in helping introduce, launch and place products at retail for emerging and mature companies, while engaging the active, decision making consumer. Product submissions are judged on innovation, activation, and contribution to the Sports market. The ION® Sports Product of the Year Winner receives a $10,000 marketing package in the ION® Network and ION® Fest event sponsorship, while categorical Winners receive $5,000 marketing value from ION®. For more information on the ION® Awards, please visit  www.ionAwards.com .

About the ION® Network and Positive Ions, Inc.:
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About iXoundWear™:
iXoundWear™ is the leader in functional headwear for MP3 players (currently for iPod® Nano & Shuffle™, soon available for other brands/models). iXoundWear Inc designs, manufactures and distributes hats, caps and visors for active people who want to enjoy the use of their digital music player without the hassle of dangling wires. For more information contact iXoundWear at 1–423-383-8633 or visit www.ixoundwear.com