Knit Cap - Black - Ipod Nano


Free yourself and your music from those pesky wires hanging from your ears to your iPod®. Send them up instead with your iXoundWear™ visor, a revolutionary new way to wear and listen to your iPod®.
Be a trendsetter and show iPod® owners everywhere how to wear their music.


  • 100% knit acrylic.
  • Water resistant coated fabric player pocket.
  • Clear control window to access the Click Wheel.
  • Integrated pocket for wire management.
  • Comes with 2 bendable polyurethane plastic spools to wrap wire.
  • iXoundWear™ round logo on left side.

Frame type:

  • Unstructured (soft)


  • Black

Designed to fit the following music players:

  • iPod® Nano 1st Generation
  • iPod® Nano 2nd Generation

Model: iXW#14933
UPC: 052699149331
Type: Knit Cap
Made for: iPod Nano 1G-2G
Color: Black
Fabric: Acrylic
Frame: Unstructured
Online Price: $19.95
Shipping Cost: $4.25 (in the US territory)