Get started with your new
iXoundWear™ Cap for iPod® Nano &
iXoundWear™ Cap for iPod® Shuffle™

Recommended installation - step by step

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Figure 1

Step 1

Gather all the parts you need.

You should have:

  1. Your iXoundWear™ cap.
  2. One wire-spool (if you were supplied with two, the second would be a spare).
  3. Your headset (most likely ear-buds).
  4. Your iPod® (either Nano or Shuffle™).

Step 2 & Step 3

Hold the wire-spool with one hand and the headset connector with the other. Keep the headset connector away from the spool: around 1.5" of free cord for iPod® Shuffle™ and 2.0" for iPod® Nano. Wind up the cord around the spool starting from the top notch.

Keep winding the cord up as per Figure 3.
Note: Cord should be tight enough not to escape the top and bottom nicks, but not too stretched either (otherwise cord damage may occur over time).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Step 4 & Step 5

Stop winding up the cord when the part of it hanging from the spool reaches a length close to 9.5" (measure just the cord, not the ear-pieces). As per Figure 4 both left and right earpieces should be at the same distance respect to the spool.

Should the total hanging cord length be less than 9.5", unwind one loop from the spool.

Stop winding the wire corresponding to the left earpiece. Keep winding up the wire that corresponds to the right earpiece, until the hanging part of that wire approximates 4.5" in length. Even in this case, a slightly longer wire is preferable over a slightly shorter one (unwind if necessary).

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Step 6

Push the wire bundle into the elastic pocket. To ease the process, stretch the fabric by inserting a finger into the top opening of the elastic pocket.

Step 7

Insert your iPod® into the player pocket. The headset jack needs to point downwards. Once in place, make sure the stereo minijack on your iPod® is aligned to the opening at the bottom of the player pocket.

Step 8

Plug your headset connector into the stereo minijack.

Figure 9 Figure 10

Step 9

Open the Velcro® strap and run the left-earpiece wire along the strap in the middle.

Step 10

Close the Velcro® strap adjusting it according to your head girth. As per Figure 10, the wire will be "sandwiched" between the two Velcro® parts.

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13

Step 11

Locate the stretchable loop inside the hat, next to the Velcro® strap (left side).

Step 12

Stretch the loop and pass the left earpiece through it.

Your cap should now look like the one illustrated in Figure 13.

Enjoy your iXoundWear™ cap!

Remove your iPod® and headset from the iXoundWear™ cap

Best practice

To remove your iPod®, just disconnect the headset connector from the stereo minijack, then pull the player out of the pocket.

Should you need to remove your headset, follow the procedure illustrated above in reverse order.

To remove the wire bundle from the elastic band, DO NOT pull the wires (damage may occur), instead hold the elastic pocket and push down with one finget from the top opening, then grab and pull the wire bundle as per Figure 15.

Figure 14

Figure 15
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