Some comments from iXoundWear™ users:

My iXoundWear™ fits perfectly and holds my iPod® snuggly. Imagine being able to do anything you want while listening to your iPod®, without having to deal with the annoying cords and wires. This unique new carrying style may be a little more expensive than other ways but I guarantee you will agree it is a much better way to carry your iPod®. You will love this cap. - Dani, Eugene OR.

I finally got to use the Visor with the iPod® Shuffle™ 2G today ... it's great! The Visor is very easy to use, and quite comfortable. It's so nice to not have wires knotting up all over my arms! Living in Arizona, we need to wear hats/visors anytime we exercise outside; friends are already asking about mycool iXoundWear™ Visor. (I am starting to plan ahead for some gift giving.) Thanks for thinking of such a great product, and following through with the production and sales! Good Luck! - Julie, Tucson AZ.

I absolutely love the iXoundWear! It is so perfect for jogging and walking. I may purchase more for Christmas gifts soon.... Thanks for making a great, practical product! - Mary, Pompano Beach FL.

We received the product quickly and in a good quality condition. I will not hesitated to buy for you again if necessary. - Gilmar, São Paulo Brazil.

I am pretty satisfied with my cap. I do recommend it every time I talk with a friend who might be interested in it. It fits perfectly and works perfectly as well. - Carlos, Atlanta GA.

Absolutely the best iPod® accessory I have!! It is so easy to use, I just put on the cap, plug in my ear buds and go! - Cheryl, Delray Beach FL.

I never go the gym to work out without my iXoundWear™! The placement of the pocket allows me to do all activities with no restrictions, even when my head is on the bench press. Great job guys! - Ted, Boca Raton FL.

I don’t know why this hat was not invented sooner it just is a better way to wear my iPod®! I am a runner and love to wear a cap so for me it’s just the best way to do it - Tammy, Delray Beach FL.

I never had bought an iPod® because I did not like to workout with wires hanging all over me, when I saw the iXoundWear™ I went out and bought a Shuffle. Now I think I will upgrade to a Nano for more songs. Great idea guys! - Ken, Lake Worth FL.

I could not believe how easy it was to adjust my music with the cap on. Because of the placement of the pocket, once you have felt where it is and know the placement of the controls it was no problem to pause, adjust volume or skip to the next song - Janice, Boca Raton FL.

These are just a few of the comments from iPod® enthusiasts who are using iXoundWear™ products.
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